It's time for that spring cleaning

According to this 2016 report, 95% of American adults surveyed consider oral health critical to their overall well-being. But despite these results, fewer than 40% actually visit their dentist for routine cleanings and preventative care two times a year, as recommended.

Here at Dr. Linda Kay Nichols, we believe that everyone should be actively involved in their oral health each and every day. Healthy daily habits will keep your teeth and gums strong, and will help to make dental visits that much easier. Between visits, you should always:

· Brush at least twice daily (in the morning and at night).

· Use a toothbrush with soft, rounded-end bristles.

· Replace your toothbrush every three to four months.

· Brush all surfaces of the teeth, including the tongue-side and cheek-side.

· Brush your tongue from back to front.

· Floss daily.

· Eat a healthy diet that includes whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.

It is also recommended that healthy children and adults visit their dentist every six months for a cleaning by a registered dental hygienist and have an oral exam by a licensed dentist. These routine visits are vital to maintain a bright smile for a lifetime.

We invite you to visit our office for your next cleaning. Spring is in the air and with a newly polished, beautifully clean grin, you’ll have something to smile about.

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